I want to thank you for bringing me back into the world of hearing. I was completely stressed when I was unable to hear and had not held hope I would be able to hear again. Imagine my surprise when you quickly had me in a pair of new hearing aids and I COULD hear. Not only that but you did it so pleasantly and efficiently and my stress was gone.

There are not enough words to thank you but I want you to know I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

I encourage anybody I know with a hearing problem to go see you and tell them they will be happy with the best service offered by anyone in the area.

Thank you again,

Delores Beattie, Clementsport

Several years ago, I became aware of a distinct disability to determine the direction of sound coming from a reasonable distance. If you’re involved in hunting or just out driving, it’s always good to know where gunshots or car horns, etc., are coming from.

Having left the Armed Forces, where I had worked in noisy situations, most often without ear defenders, I eventually realized I had a hearing defect that stayed untested for prior to my discharge. This, I decided to have examined locally and eventually rectified. Since then, I have had the best service from Fundy Hearing Solutions.

They are not only expert at what they do, but they are also a friendly, humane and very caring organization that I would be pleased to refer to anyone experiencing hearing difficulty.

George Carless, Kentville